IcoFlex is a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of technology Lausanne (EPFL) specialising in very precise micro-blasting technologies for the cutting, drilling or micro-etching of hard and brittle materials such as glass, silicon, or ceramics.

Founded in July 2004, IcoFlex is located on the shores of Lake Geneva in the EPFL’s Innovation Park. Since then, it has evolved its production tools to meet the evolving needs of its clients and has expanded its offerings by proposing the machining of a wider range of materials.

In 2010, the company decided to diversify and strengthen its team by creating an engineering unit serving the technical needs of companies.

In 2014, IcoFlex offered its first optical metrology product for professional watchmaking. Named GyroTracker, this product has become the laboratory reference for the optical characterisation of the regulating organs of mechanical watches.

In autumn 2016, the company further enhanced its reputation in optical metrology products for the horology industry by launching the ChronoTracker; the first production optical device to measure the accuracy of mechanical watches by direct observation of their regulating organ, tourbillon cage, or watch hands.

2017 saw further innovations by IcoFlex with the launch of the IcoPack™, a glass interconnection platform used for the hermetic packaging of chips and electronic components.

Also in 2017, new features for the ChronoTracker were developed, namely the motorised version, the quality factor determination and the possibility to analyse double spoke balance wheels.

In 2018 the SensorLab was presented, an autonomous sensor platform for the watch makers. The size of the platform allows integration in watch cases. A probe version for the logistics’ industry was launched. The ChronoTracker profited from the integration of improved analytical tools, such as the Fourier Transformation.


2019 sees the launch of VAMOS – a video-based analysis of the rotor characteristics of an automatic watch.

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