“The ChronoTracker is a particularly appreciated metrology device for its polyvalence and its novel design. The device is as reliable as it is precise. The ChronoTracker fits perfectly our requirements for characterising watch mechanics, especially in dynamic measurements executed with our watch-wearing simulation robot.”

Fondation Qualité Fleurier & FQFLAB.


The ChronoTracker is a family of compact measurement systems that can be easily integrated into work environments or production lines. Using optical measurement principles, they detect the reflected signal of a light beam incident on the movement to deduce its oscillation characteristics.


ArrowTechnical specifications (download pdf)


The ChronoTracker XA optically records the passage of the seconds hand or the tourbillon cage. This movement is then analysed to deduce the instantaneous rate of the watch. Optionally, the amplitude of tourbillon regulating organ can be determined based on the ChronoTracker XB algorithms. In the signal window an appropriate window showing the characteristic signals of the passing of the balance spokes has to be defined by the user. Tourbillons and carousels of non co-axial, co-axial as well as 3D rotating system types can be analysed.


  • Rate measurements are available after only 4 minutes with accuracy better than 0.1 seconds per day.
  • Rate and amplitude determination for tourbillons and carousels (non co-axial and co-axial, 2D and 3D). Option.
  • Free setting of tourbillon periodicity. Option.
  • Works for both mechanical and quartz watches.
  • The average daily rate is obtained after 24 hours with an accuracy of 0.001 sec.
  • Continuous history of the rate and of the amplitude (tourbillon) throughout the movements power reserve.
  • Compact and modular.
  • Fast manual set-up.

XA Software specifications:

  • Real-time detection of the passage of the watch hands or the rotation of the tourbillon cage.
  • Amplitude measurement of tourbillon with each rotation of the tourbillon cage. Option.
  • Advanced data analysis.
  • History of the instantaneous and the average day rate.
  • Distribution graphs of the instantaneous and day rates. Amplitude history (Option).


The ChronoTracker XB optically detects the movement of the balance wheel. These movements are then analysed to deduce the rate and the amplitude.


  • Direct measurement of the rate and the amplitude from the balance wheel movement in less than 5 seconds.
  • Amplitude is measured independently of the type of escapement.
  • Measurements are independent of the lift angle.
  • Fast manual setup.
  • USB Connection.
  • Modular system.

XB Software specifications:

  • Real-time optical detection of the movement of the balance wheel spokes to provide the rate and the amplitude of the oscillations.
  • Advanced data analysis.
  • History of the instantaneous and the average day rates.
  • History of the amplitude.
  • Distribution graph of the instantaneous rate.
  • Fourier Transformation.


The ChronoTracker XT combines all the functions of the XA and XB systems with the ability to measure the quality factor of the movement during free mode oscillation.


  • All the functionalities of the XA and XB systems.
  • Measurement of the quality factor of the oscillator independent of the escapement type. Free setting of amplitude ranges for Q factor measurements.
  • Isochronism curve plot.
  • USB Connection.
  • Modular system.

XT Software specifications:

  • Complete XA and XB software plus the display of the quality factor.


  • Module 1P: Basic module included with each XA, XB or XT system. It allows rapid optical measurements of a watch or a movement in a single position.

  • Module 1PX: Basic module for greater productivity. It features a retractable arm with a configurable stop that allows rapid adjustment of the measurement location for different calibres.

  • Module 6P: Allows manual positioning of a watch or a movement in one of 6 measurement orientations.

  • Module 6M: A motorised system allowing a calibre or a watch to be analysed with a ChronoTracker XA, XB or XT in automatic mode in the 6 control positions. Additionally, it generates tickets or quality control reports ready for printing.
Module 6P

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