GyroTracker is an optical platform for the analysis of mechanical watch movements. It has been developed to overcome the limitations of acoustic measurement systems including lift angle uncertainties, problems with innovative escapement mechanisms, and sensitivity to noise from the complications. In addition, it allows measurements to be carried out at all orientations thanks to its gyroscopic frame.

Operating principles:

  • Laser illumination of a balance wheel rim to create interferometric patterns.
  • Tracking the motion of the balance wheel via a high-speed camera.
  • Analysis of the recorded oscillation to provide characteristic parameters such as rate, amplitude, quality factor, and isochronism.


  • Direct measurement of the balance wheel motion.
  • Independent of the escapement type.
  • Independent of the lift angle.
  • Measurements of balance wheels with discontinuous rims.
  • Measurements of amplitudes down to zero degrees.
  • Measurements of a tourbillon independent of its cage speed.
  • Flexible programming of the measurement stages, for example 6 successive positions, or typical worn cycles defined in terms of orientation, duration, and stabilization time.
  • Integrated bellows for free mode measurements.
  • Generation of customisable reports.
  • Export of raw data in csv format.


  • Not recommended for balance wheel rims made from silicon.

SineTrack Software specifications:

  • Driven mode measurements providing instantaneous and average values for the rate and the amplitude.
  • History and monitoring of prescribed measurement cycles.
  • Free mode measurements providing isochronism curves and quality factor results.
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The L-Tracker is the non-motorised version of the GyroTracker. It allows free or maintained mode measurements to be carried out at 4 manual positions.

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