The SensorLab is a multi-sensor platform of 36mm diameter and 10mm thickness, comprising battery. It can easily be integrated in watch cases. The battery has an autonomy of several hours to months depending on the number of sensors activated and the chosen detection frequency. A USB interface allows charging the battery and interfacing with a PC to program the SensorLab and to transfer recorded data. The SensorLab windows PC software is provided to visualise and export the data.

The SensorLab is customised according to the desired application scenario. It can be carried like a watch, recording the environmental profile a watch would face on the wrist of a user. Alternatively, the SensorLab can act as a probe, by fixing it to an object or placing it together with an object in a packaging unit. The SensorLab is the most compact sensor platform on the market with optimised battery life for different use scenarios.


  • Shock detection 3 axes up to 6000g.
  • Magnetic field recording 3 axes up to 2000 Gauss.
  • Humidity, temperature and pressure (up to 30bar) recording.
  • Angular speed detection up to 2000°/s.
  • Angular shock detection up to 31k rad/s².
  • Good autonomy range.

SensorLab software specifications:

  • Data storage in continuous, event-triggered or histogram mode.
  • Data export in csv format.

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