IcoFlex offers comprehensive R&D services for companies wishing to develop new products or to acquire new technologies. It provides a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified engineers and researchers, as well as its infrastructure to carry out and manage your research projects. The company’s in-house fabrication facilities also allow the production of resulting prototypes either as single units or small series. Our technical expertise in micro and nano-manufacturing, material sciences, chemistry, electro-mechanical design, thermal management, and IT development have already been successfully demonstrated in many projects for our clients.

This platform of services is dynamic and modular. Our independently conducted research allows us to look past existing solutions to find elegant and radical technical solutions that often result in patent filings for our customers. Our proposed platform also includes client support during all phases of the project, namely problem specification, creation of the technical solutions list, planning and definition of the objectives, and the integration or deployment of the product.

Typical R&D project cycle

R&D Project cycle
Measurement of the physical characteristics of balance wheels and balance springs of mechanical watches using 3D image processing techniques

Skills involved: -3D Imaging and image processing
- Solid mechanics

ArrowPatent pending (download pdf in french)
Balance wheel
Development of a mechanoelectrical energy converter for integration into a mechanical watch

Skills involved: Mechanical and electrical design
Presented at the International Congress of Chronometry CIC2016:

Arrow(Download pdf in french)
Patent pending
Development of new thermoelectric generation (TEG) systems

Skills involved: -Mechanical design and microfabrication
-Thermo-electric and electronic design
-Materials and integration

Patent pending
Energy Conversion
EngineeringOur engineering services for your innovation projects

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