ICOPACK™ is a platform providing electrical connections between the two faces of a glass plate by using holes filled with an electrical conductor (TGV).

It also allows hermetic encapsulation of chips, MEMS, or groups of electronic components with a glass cap.

We offer 3 types of IcoPack™ for packaging:

  • IcoPack™ Interposer
  • IcoPack™ Encapsulate
  • IcoPack™ Lid

Glass-glass (or glass-silicon) sealing can be carried out either on a single chip or on a group of components arranged on a wafer. This is achieved by direct fusion of the glass-glass (or glass-silicon) interfaces or by using an intermediate layer such as metal or glass frit. The process is compatible with Wafer Level Package (WLP) assembly.

Schematic of electronic device packaging

Icopack™ Principle

Advantages of ICOPACK™

  • Glass is an excellent dielectric and thermally stable material.
  • Glass is ideally suited for hermetic wafer level packaging (WLP), unlike alumina ceramics whose surface irregularities allow only chip scale packaging (CSP).
  • Glass is available with many different physical properties, in many sizes, and at relatively lower costs.
  • The transparency of glass allows easy visual quality control of the fabricated pieces.

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